Concrete Earth B-41 Re-Solve Thinner is a blend of Aromatic 100 and Xylene solvents that may be used to lower the viscosity of epoxies, paints and sealers. B-41 Re-Solve can also be used to clean rollers, mixing, or sprayers and related equipment after use. B-41 Re-Solve is commonly used as a "solvent wash" remedy on high solids acrylic cure and seal film forming products that have exhibited significant degrees of blushing or water whitening from moisture trapped within the film. B-41 Re-Solve may also be used to help remove stubborn stains or deposits like grease, oil and related hydrocarbons from concrete if traditional degreasers or cleaners do not perform adequately.


  • Restores original sheen to old, acrylic resin based coatings
  • Removes trapped moisture (surface blushing) from film
  • Revitalizes & brightens without removing old sealer
  • Multi-use thinning & cleaning solvent